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About the Spartan ATC AR500 Armor

January 23, 2015

Why choose the Spartan ATC AR500 armor over our traditional AR500 armor inserts? – Its simple, really!  When it comes to body armor, there really used to be no such thing as “comfortable” body armor….until now.  Spartan Armor Systems has pioneered body armor since day one.  We were the first in the industry to ever offer a frag mitigation coating, and others have copied (but nobody’s performs as well….fact).  Now, we’ve done the impossible.  We’ve manufactured custom dies to create our newest line of steel body body armor, which is our Spartan ATC AR500 armor.

The Spartan ATC AR500 armor is THE  most ergonomic AR500 armor plate on the market.  Using our single bend axial radius tooling, we’ve created a plate that not only curves laterally around the chest area, but also curves inward toward the sternum and abdominal cavity.  This results in the armor “hugging” the body, rather then it just “sitting” on top.

Learn more about our Spartan ATC AR500 armor here and see how Spartan Armor Systems continues to revolutionize AR500 armor technology.

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