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  • Armaply‰ 11x14 Swimmer's cut ATC‰™ Level III+ Extreme Lightweight Steel Core Body Armor
  • Side profile of Spartan Armor Systems ATC‰™ Advanced Triple Curve design
  • Side plates for Spartan Armor Systems AR650 body armor
  • Spartan Armor Systems Armaply‰™ 6x6 side plate
  • Spartan Armor Systems Armaply‰™ 6x8 side plate

AR650 Armaply‰™ Swimmers Cut Body Armor 11x14 Set of Two

Extreme Lightweight Steel Core AR650 Level III+ Armaply™ Armor from Spartan Armor Systems‰. A real industry game changer. Choose between single curve or our signature patent pending Advanced Triple Curve‰™ ergonomic profile.



Product Details

AR650 Spartan Armaply™ Level III+ Extreme Lightweight Steel Core Body Armor

Extreme Lightweight Steel Core Level III+ Armaply™ Armor from Spartan Armor Systems™.  A real industry game changer with a choice of our signature patent pending Advanced Triple Curve™ (ATC™) ergonomic profile. Working closely with our metallurgist we have created revolutionary steel core armor platform manufactured precisely to our specifications! With its specific chemical and physical properties meeting our exact requirements, our proprietary AR650 Armaply™ Armor has exceptional forming properties- much better than traditional harder steel core armor platforms. This armor is able to be formed to our ergonomic, PATENT-PENDING ATC™ profile, safely using our proprietary bending methods and tooling. This is NOT your typical press-brake bent armor. This armor has a single, flowing bend radius to preserve the integrity of the plate. With our aggressive swimmer cut profile, Spartan Armor Systems™ was able to save some weight, yet still cover and protect all the vitals (heart, lungs, and arteries).

Threat Rating:  

The Spartan Armor Systems AR650 Armaply™ Level III+/Special Threat Tested body armor is Stand-Alone and has PROVEN  Multi-Hit capabilities. This armor is engineered to defeat some of the most common rifle threats in existence to include 5.56×45 (M193),  5.56×45 (M855 / SS109) at velocities up to 3,000 FPS, 7.62×39, and 7.62×51 M80 NATO Ball (.308 Winchester) at velocities up to 2,850 feet per second. (Not officially rated for AP rounds) 


11x14 Armaply AR650 Swimmers Cut: Base Coat 7lbs 3oz. Full Coat 8lbs 3oz.


6x6 Side Plates: 2lbs 8oz with Full Coat, Base Coat 2lbs 3oz


6x8 Side Plates: 3lbs 5oz with Full Coat. Base Coat 2lbs 15oz


All specified weights have a tolerance of +/- 5%



Each plate measures approximately 4.92mm (.210) raw steel. Total thickness of base coat plates is approximately .3″ and full coat is approximately .5″ total thickness.

Product Videos

Spartan Armor Systems Advanced Triple Curve Level III+ Body Armor Plates 04:32

Overview and testing of our Spartan Armor Systems Armaply™ Advanced Triple Curve Extreme Light Weight Level III+ body armor plates. Testing completed with 7.62x51 M80 Ball and 5.56x45 SS109 at 25 feet. Plate carrier provides by Beez Combat Systems. We show the effectiveness of our proprietary anti spall coating. Video by Funker Tactical shot at Pro Gun Club in Las Vegas, NV. Website: Like us on Facebook:

  • Spartan Armor ...
    Overview and testing of our Spartan Armor Systems Armaply™ Adv...

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  1. Buy them!

    Posted by Darth Smittious on Apr 16th 2017

    I ordered the 11x14 swimmers cut plates with a full build up and ATC. These are great plates. The finish is neat and professionally applied. As far as fitment goes they were a perfect match with my old Large Mayflower R&C APC. The only reason I do not give them 5 stars is that I have not been shot in them. I hope I never do. I do however believe these will do their job admirably.

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