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FREE SET of Trauma Pads with any purchase of our ATC™ AR500 body armor! H.R. 378 Special!

January 29, 2015
Once again, representative Mike Honda is trying to limit our freedoms with H.R. 378, which is a revision of H.R. 5344.  In response, we’re offering a special promotion so you can get your armor orders in (potentially) before it’s too late! This promotion will ONLY be offered on purchases of our Spartan ATC  AR500  armor! 

For a limited time, Spartan Armor Systems is giving away a set of trauma pads with any purchase of our Spartan ATC™ AR500 armor!  Based on the configuration of armor you purchase (front, back, and or optional side plates), we’ll toss in a free set of trauma pads!  For example, if you purchase just front and back ATC™ plates, you will receive front/back trauma pads specific to the size (8×10, 10×12, 11×14) ATC™ AR500 armor plates you ordered.  If you added side plates, we’ll toss in side trauma pads to your order as well.

How to get the free promotion:  You MUST purchase our ATC™ AR500 armor plates.  This is the only plates this special will apply to.  Once you add them to your cart, add this special FB only trauma pad item also.  When you go to checkout, use coupon code FBFREEPADS to get the $100 cost removed.  This offer will only be honored on the ATC plates (any configuration you’d like).

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