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Upgrade to Level III+ AR500 armor! – Spartan Armor Systems | The Target Man, LLC

April 8th, 2015

We’ve routinely told our customers, when asked, that our Level III AR500 armor was really Level III+, and now we have validated that.  While the NIJ has not established an official 3+ armor rating, our armor has always far exceeded the minimum criteria to meet level III standards.  Per NIJ, we must defeat, at minimum, 6 shots of M80 ball (7.62×51) at 50 feet to classify our armor as Level III.  Well, that has been done time and time again, with consistent repeatability, in both the field and lab environments.

We have new testing video coming out where we have exceeded these testing parameters.  Our in-house testing consisted of defeating 6 shots of M855 from a Rock River Arms Elite Operator AR15 with a 16″ barrel, followed up by defeating 6 shots of XM193….all from under 15 ft!

The video is sure to not disappoint.  Once final editing is done, we’ll email all of our current customers a link.

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