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Medical Kits

Tactical Medical Kits


All LEOs and other first responders need to be properly equipped to render first aid under dangerous situations and at the scenes of accidents. Their tactical gear should always include medical kits, either an individual first aid kit (IFAK) or an advanced first aid kit (AFAK). These medical kits are also appropriate for civilians to keep at home or in the trunk of a car in case of an accident, as 3 million people in the U.S. are injured in car accidents every year. Prepare yourself with proper training and the right medical kit for the job. [+] Read More

Tactical Medical Bag: Basic Individual First Aid Kits


Spartan Armor Systems™’ MOLLE-based Individual First Aid Kit (IFAKs) includes the essentials for field-treating wounds. Spartan IFAKs come with all necessary components, including trauma shears, a Celox™15g Hemostatic Granule Packet, chest seals, an Olaes® 4″ Modular Bandage for treating a moderate hemorrhage and a SWAT-T tourniquet for serious bleeding. The Spartan™ IFAK also includes waterproof medical tape, a pair of Nitrile medical gloves, 4” sterile compression bandage and a removable Velcro medical patch. All items come in a 600 Denier rip away pouch, and despite our medical kit’s compact size, there’s still plenty of room to hold any other first aid items you want to add.

Spartan’s Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK) is designed for rapid deployment under life-threatening situations. It can be quickly unzipped and includes an adjustable retention cord to keep the kit partially open and prevent the contents from accidentally spilling out. The result is a compact emergency medical kit that allows for quickly and easily accessing your first aid supplies.

Advance Individual Medical Kits


In addition to the basics, the Spartan Armor Systems™ Advanced Individual First Aid Kit (AFAK) also comes with some items for dealing with airway obstructions and other respiratory issues. Similar to Spartan’s IFAK, our AFAK medical kit comes with a black NAR combat tourniquet, a pair of TritonGrip SE™ Nitrile gloves, 4.1 yards of NARS 4.5” rolled gauze, a 4” flat NAR emergency trauma dressing and a two-pack of Hyfin Vent compact chest seals. There’s also a Rusch latex-free Robertazzi 28fr Naso airway tube (with lubricant) for securing an open airway, 5.5” EMT shears, a Mylar reflective survival blanket that doubles as a signaling device, TCCCC (tactical combat casualty care card) and a Sharpie marker for writing critical information on the patient. All of this comes contained in a compact 600 D Rip Away tactical medical bag.

Both tactical medical kits come pre-assembled and are ready for immediate use when needed. However, it’s important to review each item to understand its capabilities and limitations. All items, including the 5.5” EMT shears, are TSA approved for carrying on commercial flights.

In addition to medical kits, our tactical gear selection includes map pouches, assault packs and more. Ideal for your protection, we also carry a complete selection of body armor including top-quality steel plates, ceramic and composite plates and plate carriers, all at great prices.

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