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Tactical Gear

About Tactical Equipment and Gear


Tactical gear is a term used to describe a wide array of products used by members of the military, law enforcement, first responders and public safety personnel. Tactical equipment is also used by hunters, outdoorsmen and civilians. Even competition airsoft and paintball players use various pieces of tactical gear. [+] Read More

Tactical gear is designed and used specifically for safety and protection. It includes everything from boots, vests and other items of clothing to high tech equipment such as night vision goggles or sophisticated communication devices. Tactical gear’s purpose is to make everyday life safer and easier for law enforcement, military personnel and first responders.


Spartan Armor Systems™ Offers the Very Best Tactical Gear and Equipment


Here are some types of tactical gear and equipment we carry, along with their uses:

  • Plate Carriers are tactical vests that hold steel, ceramic or soft armor bullet-stopping plates. Known as body armor, the purpose of a tactical plate carrier vest is to protect the wearer against small arms fire and shrapnel. Spartan Armor System’s Flex Fused Core™ Soft Armor Plates paired with Flex Fused Core Side Panels provides lightweight, bullet resistant soft body armor with NIJ Level IIIA protection – a perfect protective solution for any law enforcement or military personnel, as well as first responders.
  • Trauma Pads are non-ballistic pieces of padding worn behind the tactical plate carrier vest. Trauma pads are used to lessen the effects of blunt force trauma from back-face deformation that results when a bullet strikes the body armor plates held within the vest.
  • Medical Kits are small, compact first aid kits designed for emergency field use. We carry two types of medical kits. In addition to the basics, individual first aid kits (IFAKS) include bandages, patches and shears for treating stab, gunshot and other life-threatening bleed wounds. In addition to items in IFAKs, advanced individual first aid kits (AFAKS) also contain supplies for dealing with airway and respiratory issues.
  • Helmets are headgear worn by military and law enforcement personnel to offer protection against handgun fire, shrapnel, falling objects and other blows to the head. Today’s helmets are lightweight and come in a variety of shapes and styles.
  • Pouches and Holsters are lightweight holders for attaching and securing various pieces of tactical gear. Pouches and holsters hold accessories such as handguns, spare magazines, flashlights, communication devices, handcuffs, bungee cords and just about anything else you need to keep close at hand. Spartan Armor Systems offers a variety of tactical pouches and holsters such as our popular HSGI® X2RP Taco™ Double Rifle and Single Pistol Pouch.
  • Morale and Blood Type Patches are insignia attached to the sleeves of uniforms and other tactical wear. Morale patches usually designate a particular unit affiliation, and are often used to bring light-heartedness to an otherwise serious profession. Blood type patches are added to some morale patches to alert medics and EMTs of the wearer’s blood type in the event of a wound or injury that requires a transfusion.


Why You Should Choose Spartan Armor Systems for Your Tactical Equipment Needs


Spartan Armor Systems is a U.S.-based body armor manufacturer and tactical gear supplier known for providing reliable, high-quality equipment at affordable prices. Whether it’s a helmet, a set of plate carriers or trauma pads, a medical kit or a handgun holster, military personnel, law enforcement, first responders and civilians all look to us for their tactical equipment needs.

We’re proud to offer our many valued law enforcement officers, military and first responder clients a 10% discount on all items. Orders are processed within one week and are shipped free of charge.

Questions? Call us at (520) 396-3335 or send a message via our contact form – we’re here to help!

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