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Reactive Steel Targets | Welded

Top of the Line AR500 Reactive Targets


Elite sharpshooters, LEOs and Shooting Enthusiasts often weld their own steel targets looking for enhanced feedback and challenges to hone their shooting skills. However, constructing high quality steel reactive targets is a challenge for even the most dedicated DIY craftsmen. The integration of moving parts leaves these homemade targets prone to eventual failure. That's why Spartan Armor Systems created our line of pre-assembled as well as DIY Reactive Target kits. We've developed a reputation as one of the industry leaders for our steel core body armor and provide the same high quality AR500 steel for shooting targets.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of steel reactive targets for sale out there on the market that are poorly designed and are made of inferior steel. Homemade targets especially are usually the culprits, but some commercial target manufacturers use inferior steel as well. These reactive targets are vulnerable to cratering, pocking, and general deformation, and they should be avoided at all costs. Steel with a Brinell hardness rating of under 400 falls into this category, and so enthusiasts should only purchase materials of a higher quality.

Spartan Armor Systems – Quality Steel for Quality Reactive Targets
As trusted experts in the body armor and tactical gear industry, we have spent years finding the best manufacturers to provide the steel for our DIY AR500 Reactive Target kits. Our reactive targets have a Brinell rating of 500, or even 550 in some cases, which puts us near the top in terms of steel armor plate quality. There are only 10 steel mills in the world that can provide quality AR500 and AR550 steel, and we source only top grade materials.

The steel from these steel mills is certified for quality, and so you know that you’re getting a great product when you purchase from us. Spartan Armor Systems maintains the highest quality control standards. We offer shooting targets in two formats: pre-assembled targets and DIY targets. Our pre-assembled AR500 Reactive Targets arrive with nearly everything you need to hit the range. Simply purchase a piece of angle iron from your local hardware store and construct a base and you’re all set. For fast and easy assembly, we recommend our Multi-Purpose Base (aka MPB) which drastically reduces setup and take down time while offering increased stability. Our Multi-Purpose Base can be used with almost all of our AR500 Reactive Targets.  As for our DIY AR500 Reactive Targets, they are essentially the same as our pre-assembled targets but you save the cost of the assembly. This makes our DIY target kits a money saver if you have the ability to weld the targets yourself. As with our pre-assembled targets, you will need to source a piece of angle iron and we recommend the use of our Multi-Purpose Base.

Good Targets vs. Poor Targets
A good reactive target will be flat and smooth, and quality manufacturers will only provide these kinds of targets. A target that is not flat or smooth can create issues when predicting and protecting against a bullet’s splatter pattern, creating an unsafe shooting environment. At Spartan Armor Systems, we will provide only the best steel targets to prevent the crater, pock, and other deformation that ruin your target practice.

So if you’re a shooting enthusiast and looking to purchase a quality AR500 reactive target made from the best steel on the market, look no further than Spartan Armor Systems. We have a variety of steel shooting targets to choose from, order your targets today and take your shooting skills to the next level!



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