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Spartan Armor Composite/Ceramic Package


Composite/Ceramic Body Armor Packages


Spartan Armor Systems ceramic/composite plate carrier packages with armor are NIJ certified and built for lightweight convenience, mobility and common handgun threat protection. For those who require low ballistic protection and high maneuverability, the pre-configured armor plate carrier packages are the perfect base for your kit. [+] Read More

Spartan Armor Systems ceramic/composite body armor packages can be used as a stand-alone body armor system or as backer to any of our hard armor systems for maximum protection. For instance, you could wear our Flex Fused Core level IIIA body armor panels  as a backer to our AR550 Leonidas Plate Carrier Package


What Is Composite / Ceramic Body Armor?


Ceramic/composite body armor plates are made of strong fabric-like materials, which are layered over one another. While steel is a stronger material, the design and advanced technology that goes into composite/ceramic plates make them as strong, and sometimes even stronger than steel. Ammunition rounds such as .223/5.56 have greater penetrating ability due to their increased velocities requiring body armor plates that have been special threat tested to defeat these rounds. Compared to steel, composite/ceramic body armor plates are less durable and have a longer shelf life, but are also more flexible and lighter. 


Ceramic/Composite Armor Plate Carrier Packages


Our Spartan DL Plate Carrier and Flex Fused Core Level IIIA Soft Body Armor complete packages are available in a variety of colors. Each package includes a tactical plate carrier and body armor plates. Our level IIIA soft armor plate carrier packages are rated to defeat .44 MAG SJHP, and special threat rated to stop .357 SIG FMJ. 


Our Level IIIA soft body armor and wraparound body armor products are proudly made in the United States.


Spartan Armor Systems Ceramic/Composite Body Armor Packages


We are trusted by law enforcement departments, the U.S. military, first responders and prepared civilians as a leading supplier of quality, affordable body armor solutions and tactical gear. To find a ceramic/composite body armor package that is right for you, contact us by calling 520-396-3335 or you can use our online contact form.


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