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This package will come with: (1) Set of AR550 Swimmers Cut Plates (Your choice of curve and coating) (1) Set of AR550 Side Plates (Your choice of coating) (1) Swimmers Cut Sentinel Plate Carrier (Your choice of color)



Product Details

Our AR550 body armor is NIJ level III rated but has undergone special threat testing to achieve a level III+ rating, click here to learn more. NIJ Certification applies to AR550 Shooters and Swimmers Cut Single Curve Full Coat armor plates. 

Why Are Your AR550 Single Curve Full Coat Plates Labeled as Level III? 

Spartan AR550 Single Curve, Full Coat body armor plates are labeled as level III on the back of the plate as the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) does not currently have a level III+ rating. Level III+ indicates special threat testing and was created by the body armor industry to fill the void between NIJ 0101.06 level III and NIJ level IV, specifically to account for high velocity penetrator rounds such as M855 (aka green tips). While Spartan AR550 single curve full coat plates are certified as NIJ level III, rest assured they are made from AR550 ballistic steel and have been special threat tested to level III+. Quite simply, the NIJ requires that we label AR550 single curve full coat plates as level III even though they are capable of higher ballistic protection. 



  • Durable emergency drag handle

  • Anti-Slip shoulder padding w/ velcro

  • Side release buckles on internal waist strap

  • Padded elevated mesh on the interior of carrier for breathability

  • Fits 10x12 Swimmers cut plates

  • Removable cummberbund with side plate pockets for 6x6 and 6x8 side plate armor

  • Velcro in front of the Carrier is 8x4 w/ a velcro loop on each side

  • Velcro on the back of the Carrier measures 9x3

  • Stronger carrier material that can withstand through wear and tear over a long period of time

  • 1000 denier

  • Bottom loading

  • Weighs approximately 2lbs. 9oz.

NOTE: This carrier is designed to fit swimmers cut plates manufactured by Spartan Armor Systems. We can not guarantee a fit with plates made by other manufacturers. 


NOTE: This plate carrier CAN accept 6"x8" side plates. There is a flap of Velcro inside each side plate pocket that must be flipped vertically to allow for 6"x8" side plates!

Product Videos

The Sentinel Plate Carrier In Action 02:58

The Sentinel Plate Carrier is a well rounded quality carrier at a great price. Recently we teamed up with Talon Tactical Medicine to test the Sentinel carrier during a full day of scenarios based on real world application. The Sentinel Carrier is available in 3 different variations: Sentinel Gen II: Sentinel Swimmers Cut: Sentinel Legion XL: Stay up to date with Spartan Armor Systems website: Like us on Facebook: Follow Us on Instagram:

  • The Sentinel P...
    The Sentinel Plate Carrier is a well rounded quality carrier a...

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