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SaintPro Ballistic Shields


What is a ballistic shield?


Tactical ballistic shields are personal protection devices designed to protect the carrier against certain threats, such as gunfire, shrapnel and other projectiles. [+] Read More


Personal tactical ballistic shields are often issued to military members and law enforcement as standard personal protective equipment. The most common professional ballistic shields are designed to protect the user’s upper torso, while others are designed to protect the user’s entire body. When used correctly, a ballistic shield will cause less cause trauma or pain upon impact than body armor plates worn in a plate carrier.


Tactical Ballistic Shield with Patented Foldable Technology


Spartan Armor Systems carries two patented, foldable personal ballistic shields available for law enforcement purchase only: the SaintPro Ballistic Shield Level IIIA and SaintPro Ballistic Shield Level III+. These types of ballistic shields fold into a convenient carrier which can be worn with Spartan Armor Plate Carriers. Both options are built for mobility and easy transportation whether in a vehicle, in a holster or on your arm. 


Our SaintPro Ballistic Shields are made in NIJ certified levels IIIA or III+.  SaintPro Ballistic Shield Level IIIA provides protection against 9 mm and magnum 44 rounds. And a step up from a level 3 ballistic shield, the SaintPro Ballistic Shield Level III+ provides protection against rifle-rated threats up to 7.62 x 39 mm. 


Our SaintPro tactical ballistic shields are ideal for law enforcement professionals operating in high risk environments. The compact, lightweight design offers the ability to hold the shield for extended periods of time, reload a handgun while holding the shield and accurately fire one-handed. It is ideal for many different types of shooting methods. We sell both of these ballistic shields in bulk as standard-issue equipment for law enforcement and defense organizations.

Maybe a ballistic shield isn’t the right tool for the job? Take a look at some of our pre-configured, premium body armor packages that will keep you tactical and mobile with both hands free.

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