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Level III+ AR550 Spartan Armor

Why AR550 Body Armor?


AR550 body armor is one of the strongest materials that we currently sell, with top of the line hardness and threat protection. Spartan Body Armor AR550 level 3+ plates are special threat tested up to level III+. Our single curve, full coat AR550 steel plates are NIJ certified level III. Spartan AR550 body armor hit the “sweet spot” in the Brinnell Hardness (BHN) test – a test that designates the level of quality that steel possesses. Generally speaking, anything above 500 is considered to be incredibly good, and only 10 steel manufacturers in the world can produce quality steel at this level. [+] Read More

AR550 body armor has a core hardness of approximately 545-560 BHN, which is perfect for defeating higher velocity threats. If you're looking to buy body armor with advanced rifle-rated threat protection at a budget-friendly price, AR550 body armor plates may be your best bet.

Premier Body Armor


AR500 body armor has been used by law enforcement, military, armored car companies, security contractors and elite body armor manufacturers. This tempered steel was designed to be used in combat situations that will experience severe impact and abrasion. AR500 body armor is the standard for most operations, although AR550 body armor’s core hardness is 10% more than our AR500 plates, making this ballistic grade steel much harder than AR500 without causing severe stress while forming.

AR550 body armor is some of the highest quality armor around. AR550 steel plates are even stronger and more durable than AR500 steel.

For more help deciding on the plates and body armor system that is right for you, check out our Body Armor and Plate Carriers Buyer’s Guide.

What Impacts Can AR550 Withstand?


Our AR550 body armor can withstand impacts from a lead centerfire weapon traveling at 3200 FPS or less, at a distance of 100 yards. It can also handle impacts from much closer, and we have tested these on several occasions. Our AR550 Level 3+ plates has withstood impacts from just 10 feet, with munitions traveling at 3100-3200 FPS, and this body armor system performed well even after several rounds had been emptied into it.

It is also rated to withstand handgun fire from any safe distance, making it one of the best armors for law enforcement, private security, or other first responders. So if you’re looking for the best armor and the highest level of protection, the AR550 body armor is the one for you!

Advanced Triple Curve


Spartan Armor Systems™ is the first in the industry to offer triple-curved AR550 body armor to the public. Our proprietary Advanced Triple Curve™ (ATC) ergonomic design significantly increases comfort compared to single curve or flat plates. We’ve developed armor to specifically defeat higher velocity threats that are commonly present throughout the U.S. – including 5.56 x 45 XM193, 5.56 x 45 M855 /SS109 and 7.62 x 51 (.308 Winchester) at a rated velocity of 3,100 fps or less.

AR550 Spartan body armor has repeatedly defeated these threats in Close Quarters Battle (CQB) scenarios at close distances.

Two Cuts For Functional Mobility


Shooters cut: The shooters cut covers the largest area to help reduce the chances of fatal injury to vital organs. There is a slight cut at the shoulders to increase the range of motion for the wearer.

Swimmers cut: We offer the swimmers cut for an increased range of motion and mobility. With a larger cut in shoulders and upper body, your protection area decreases, but the total weight is also reduced by 2lbs.

Build your optimal system


We offer various premium plate carriers to hold your AR550 body armor, including our popular, tactical Leonidas Plate Carrier and Sentinel Plate Carrier. Both of these options will hold either our Spartan™ Omega™ AR500 or AR550 Level 3+ Plates. Create your perfect customized setup with any of our tactical magazine pouches and holsters.

For exceptional comfort and performance, pair with Spartan Armor Trauma Pads. Trauma pads are worn behind AR550 steel plates to absorb and disperse the kinetic impact of bullets on the wearer, adding another level of protection and comfort. Our trauma pads are compatible with all Spartan Armor Systems™ body armor configurations.


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