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Level III+ AR550 Spartan Armor


Order AR500 Omega™, AR550 Body Armor


Who Are We?
Spartan Armor Systems is one of the premier body armor and tactical gear suppliers in the country, with high quality armor plates, body armor, reactive targets, and more. We specialize in NIJ 0101.06 compliant body armor and offer level III, level III+ and level IV threat protection. This includes AR500 Omega™, AR550, AR650, UHMWPE and Composite Ceramic body armor plates. Spartan Armor Systems maintains the highest quality control standards and only works with reputable manufacturers to produce some of the hardest and most effective ballistics protection available. We proudly offer body armor for sale to Police Officers, Sheriff Officers, First Responders, Military Personnel and civilians.

What Is AR550?
AR550 body armor is one of the strongest materials that we currently sell, with top of the line hardness and threat protection. The 550 rating refers to its scores on the Brinell hardness test, which designates the level of quality that the steel possesses. Generally speaking, anything above 500 is considered to be incredibly good, and only 10 steel manufacturers in the world can produce quality steel at this level.

AR500 vs AR550
AR500 steel has been used as an armor plate source by the military, armored car companies, security contractors, and elite body armor manufacturers. This tempered steel was designed to be used in combat situations that will experience severe impact and abrasion. AR550 steel is even stronger and more durable than AR500 steel, and our AR550 body armor is some of the highest quality armor around. It has a 10% increase in hardness over the AR500 steel, and it's the ideal choice for anyone who wants the ultimate threat protection.

What Impacts Can AR550 Withstand?
Our AR550 body armor can withstand impacts from a lead centerfire weapon traveling at 3200 FPS or less, at a distance of 100 yards. It can also handle impacts from much closer, and we have tested these on several occasions. Our AR550 has withstood impacts from just 10 feet, with munitions traveling at 3100-3200 FPS, and this body armor system performed well even after several rounds had been emptied into it.

It is also rated to withstand handgun fire from any safe distance, making it one of the best armors for law enforcement, private security, or other first responders. So if you’re looking for the best armor and the highest level of protection, the AR550 body armor is the one for you!


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