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IPSC Targets

Spartan Armor Systems AR500 ISPC Shooting Targets


Law enforcement, military personnel, security contractors and those with similar occupations engage in practice target shooting on a regular basis to maintain and improve their accuracy and marksmanship. Whether it’s with a rifle, handgun or shotgun, civilian recreational shooting has grown in popularity over the years to the point there are now worldwide competitions sanctioned by International Practical Shooting Confederation, or IPSC, which is the world’s second largest organization for shooting enthusiasts. [+] Read More


What Are AR500 Steel Plates?


When shooting targets for practice, choosing the right type of target plays an important role in terms of safety, skill and enjoyment. From a satisfaction standpoint, steel targets can’t be beat.

AR500 steel is the preferred material for steel targets. It’s an abrasion resistant alloy with a Brinell hardness number (BHN) of 500 that can withstand repeated hits from high velocity, large-caliber handgun and rifle rounds. Some AR500 steel targets have been known to survive more than 10,000 hits. Conversely, targets made from steel with a BHN below 400 are susceptible to pocking, cratering and deformation, which affects their integrity, shortens their useful lives and can be a safety hazard to the shooter and those standing nearby. Only targets made from high quality hardened steel should be used for practice.

Spartan Armor Systems™ carries a full selection of ISPC steel shooting targets, including some scaled ISPC:

  • IPSC “Mini” Target. Available in both 1/2” and 3/8” AR500 steel, The Target Man IPSC Mini shooting target is 8.25” wide by 5” high.
  • 1/2 Scale ISPC Target. Also made from AR500 steel, this 1/2 size ISPC target measures 13.625” high by 9” wide. The half-scale ISPC target is available in both 1/2" and 3/8" models.
  • The Target Man™ ISPC 66%. For something a little larger, this stationary target is a 2/3 version of a standard ISPC target. Made from 3/8” AR500 steel, the IPSC 66 measures approximately 12” wide x 19.5” high, and is made to last a lifetime.


Ordering ISPC Targets from Spartan Is Fast and Easy


Spartan Armor Systems carries a full line of reactive and stationary AR500 Steel Targets in addition to our ISPC AR500 steel targets. All of our steel targets are made from the same high quality steel that’s used in Spartan’s top quality steel core body armor.

To place an order, or for more information about Spartan Armor Systems’ ISPC AR500 steel shooting targets, body armor or any of our other quality products, call us at 520-396-3335 or contact us online. Orders are shipped within two weeks, and shipping is always free when you shop at Spartan Armor Systems. Military personnel, law enforcement and first responders receive a 10% discount on all Spartan purchases.

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