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3 Myths About Composite Body Armor

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New innovations in body armor technology have led to the development of composite body armor, also called hybrid body armor, which is designed to provide the protection afforded by plate armor with the flexibility and convenience of soft body armor. Learning the facts about this amazing technology can help you decide whether composite body armor is the right choice for your protection needs.

Composite Body Armor Protects Against Any Threat

Composite body armor is designed to protect the wearer from a variety of threats. However, not all composite armor

plates deliver the same level of protection against all weapons. Never assume any piece of body armor will protect equally well from pistols, rifles, and knives—you’ll need to evaluate the body armor’s rating to find the protection level from each type of threat that you want.

Composite Body Armor Makes Getting Shot Painless

While composite body armor will stop a bullet fired at your body, it does not mean that you won’t feel the force of the impact. Body armor is designed to protect you from bullet wounds, but it cannot eliminate the force behind the bullet after it is fired. Although you will not suffer a bullet wound, you may be knocked off your feet and develop bruising or internal bleeding as a result of a bullet strike.

Composite Body Armor Is Completely Undetectable

Although composite body armor is designed to function more like soft body armor than typical plate armor, it often cannot be completely hidden under clothing. Covert body armor is typically extremely lightweight, offering limited protection to the wearer. If you want your composite body armor to protect from significant threats, it will likely be visible when worn.

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