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Common Body Armor and Tactical Gear Questions

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In this article we’re going to cover some of the most common questions we receive from customers looking to buy body armor and tactical gear. Below are questions we seen coming up recently so we wanted to take an opportunity to shed some light on these topics. Buying body armor can be a bit overwhelming with the number of options available, we want our customers to feel confident in their purchases.

Q: Is your body armor made in U.S.A?

A: Yes! All of our body armor is proudly made in U.S.A., this includs our steel core and ceramic body armor products. Each of our body armor models undergoes rigorous testing by an Independent NIJ Certified third party laboratory before they are put on the market.

Q: Do all of your products have the same lead times?

A: We have many products that have shorter lead times. Click this link to view an article that lists which of our body armor products have shorter lead times than our general lead time advertised throughout our website.

Q: Can I use Swimmers Cut body armor plates in a Shooters Cut plate carrier and vice versa?

A: You can use Swimmers Cut plates in a Shooters Cut plate carrier. However, it’s important to note that there will be some empty space in the carrier at the top left and right of the body armor plate due to the slim top profile of a Swimmers Cut body armor plate. Quite often we get this question from folks who have their mind set on a particular carrier, but would like the benefit of a lighter body armor load. It’s important to note however that you cannot use Shooters Cut body armor plates in a Swimmers Cut carrier because the Shooters Cut plate is too wide at the top of the plate.

Q: I purchased your level III+ AR550 steel core body armor but the sticker on the back of the plate says it’s level III. Was I sent the wrong body armor?

A: The short answer is no. The reason why some AR550 body armor products are labeled as level III is due the fact that specific models have undergone NIJ certification. Our AR550 body armor in a single curve, full coat configuration has gone through additional testing to be certified by the NIJ under 0101.06 level III specifications. Level III+ is a designation created by the body armor industry to identify plates which surpass level III requirements, but fall just short of level IV. Rest assured that all of our AR550 body armor products are level III+.

Q: What’s the difference between a laser cut plate carrier and a normal plate carrier?

A: Laser cutting allows for unique and clean cuts in light weight material. This allows the overall weight of the plate carrier to be reduced. Laser cut plate carriers such as our Achilles and our Tactical Response Kit are great for people looking to run a minimalist setup and keep the weight burden down. However, it’s important to note that molle webbing on a laser cut plate carrier is made from a light weight material which means it has more flex and give. A laser cut plate carrier is not ideal if you plan to attach lots of heavy accessories to the webbing as it may sag, resulting in gear flopping around while running.

Q: I purchased 6”x8” side plates for a plate carrier that said it was compatible, but they don’t fit. What’s the deal?!

A: Plate carriers such as our Sentinel, Legion XL, Sentinel Swimmers and the Condor MOPC are capable of accepting 6”x8” side plates. However, there is a flap of Velcro inside the side plate pouch that must be flipped up vertically. It’s easy to overlook this flap of Velcro so we’ve begun providing these instructions with relevant products.

Q: I purchased base coat steel core body armor plates from you and I’m concerned about spall/fragmentation. Can I send my body armor plates back to you to have an additional coat added for fragmentation mitigation?

A: No, but we do have an easy and cost effective solution for you! If you purchased base coat plates but would like to add fragmentation mitigation after the fact, then you can buy some Spall Containment Sleeves to achieve the same goal. A Spall Containment Sleeve is a special cover for body armor plates with special lining and materials on the inside designed to catch fragmentation, thus reducing the possibility of harmful shrapnel injuring the wearer.

Q: Do you sell plate carriers for larger body sizes?

A: Yes, we have plate carrier models that are designed to fit folks with a larger frame. We recommend our Legion XL which is capable of adjusting from 2XL to 4XL shirt sizes and is designed to accept 11”x14” body armor plates. A second option would be the Condor EXO XL plate carrier which is also sizes from 2XL to 4XL.

Q: Do you provide discounts to Military Services Members, Law Enforcement, and First Responders?

A: Yes, and we appreciate your service! We provide a 10% discount storewide, you can find the instructions for setting up a special pricing account by clicking this link. We thank you for your service to our country and communities.

Q: What’s the difference between he AFAK and the IFAK?

A: The Advanced First Aid Kit (AFAK) is our premium medical kit designed to field treat traumatic bleeding. However, the Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK) still has great life-saving medical gear. The most noticeable difference between the two products is that the AFAK has a better constructed pouch and comes with a CAT tourniquet, where the IFAK has a SWAT-T tourniquet. The AFAK also comes with a Rusch Latex Free Robertazzi 28fr Naso Airway.

Click Here for Additional FAQs

Have additional questions about our body armor or tactical gear? We’re always happy to answer your questions and help you choose the body armor or tactical gear that’s right for you. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

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