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Concealment Body Armor: Important Things To Consider

We have to consider several things when purchasing and wearing concealment body armor. With all the options on the market, we must look first at overall applicable to our lives and what is [...]

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Body Armor Laws By State 2022 - Know Your Rights

With all the talk of possible new restrictions being imposed on firearm ownership, we have been seeing increasingly more people asking the question, “is it legal to own body armor?” It’s been a [...]

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Nuclear War With Russia: How To Prepare For The Absolute Worst Case Scenario

The war between Russian & Ukraine is lasting longer than Putin had originally envisioned. The series of sanctions imposed on Russia has all but crippled the nation, & isolated them from the rest [...]

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How To Setup Your Body Armor Kit Like A Pro

Guest Article By: Rob Orgel of Emergency Response Tactical It’s nice to have quality gear. It’s also nice to show up to the range and not stand out as, “The goofball”. In this article, [...]

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The Mission Of Body Armor

Guest Article By: Rob Orgel of Emergency Response Tactical   What Is The Overall Mission Of Your Body Armor?   Obviously, body armor is designed to stop a ballistic threat. The level of ballistic protection you [...]

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How Does Russia's Invasion of Ukraine Impact us in America?

  For weeks, the world has watched the conflict between Russia and the Ukraine escalate into war. Consequences were weighed by all sides while tensions grew. Early Thursday morning, confirmation was made, as Russia had launched a "full-scale invasion,” against Ukraine. Utilizing air, land & sea, the invasion included a barrage of [...]

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Do Bulletproof Masks Work?

Body armor is one of the most effective means of personal protection you can have. In fact, in 2020 alone, the sale of body armor rose 600%, and the market is expected to hit $2.5 billion dollars by 2027. Due to the recent degradation of the rule of law as of [...]

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Spartan Armor Systems Medical Kit Saves Lives

Imagine you’re working in your garage or in your back yard, just an ordinary day in a quiet neighborhood. Suddenly you hear someone screaming for help. You run as fast as you can [...]

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Achilles Plate Carrier Review by Task and Purpose

Anyone who’s served in the armed forces in the last half-century knows there’s nothing the military likes more than changing its uniforms. In fact, many seem to exist for nothing more than some [...]

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FBI Active Shooter Incidents 20 Year Summary

The FBI recently completed their 20-year report of active shooter incidents, which took place between 2000 and 2019. The total number of incidents add up to 333 for the 20-year period. It’s important [...]

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