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A Closer Look at Body Armor Lead Times

At Spartan Armor Systems we pride ourselves on keeping lower lead times than our competitors. However, when you're living in an Amazon Prime world, it can seem a little surprising that lead times for body armor can be weeks or even months. So why does it take so long to ship some body armor products? [...]

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3 Must Have Body Armor Related Safety Accessories

The process of selecting the right body armor and plate carrier is an important first step in increasing your likelihood of surviving dangerous encounter such as active shooter or robbery. However, there are additional safety factors to consider. What if the bad guy isn’t courteous or skilled enough to shoot you square in your body [...]

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Common Body Armor and Tactical Gear Questions

In this article we’re going to cover some of the most common questions we receive from customers looking to buy body armor and tactical gear. Below are questions we seen coming up recently so we wanted to take an opportunity to shed some light on these topics. Buying body armor can be a bit overwhelming [...]

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Choosing The Right Body Armor by Location

As we’ve discussed in a previous article entitled “Choosing the Right Body Armor Platform” there are multiple types of body armor available based on the scenario each is designed to address. However, another way to look at these different body armor platforms (and perhaps easier) is from the perspective of where/when each platform is best [...]

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Body Armor Protection Levels Simplified

You don’t have to be a ballistics expert to have a good understanding of body armor protection levels and the rounds they defeat. The key is to understand why & how each protection level is classified. In this article we’re going to simplify the protection levels so that anyone can quickly determine the right body [...]

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How to Clean A Plate Carrier

The basic cleaning process for a plate carrier is fairly fast and easy, but some care should be taken to avoid a few problems. In most cases you can spot-clean a plate carrier with just a little soap and water. However, after many hours of wearing a plate carrier it can get a bit ripe [...]

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Choosing the Right Everyday Carry (EDC) Gear

With the recent spike in crime across many major cities in the United States, now is a good time to take a close look at your Everyday Carry (EDC) equipment. For those unfamiliar, EDC generally refers to emergency gear that is compact and easy to carry on your person, such as knives, multitools, handguns, flashlight, [...]

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NIJ Certification vs "Meets NIJ Standards"

Currently Spartan Armor Systems™ offers seven (7) different NIJ certified products, but what does “NIJ certified” really mean? In this article we’re going to take a closer look at the process of NIJ Certification, specifically what it means for the end user and why you should buy NIJ certified body armor. If you’ve read our [...]

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Lightweight Body Armor Options

Lightweight body armor is a practical solution for many people, not just hardcore Operators or SWAT members. In fact, there are several options for lightweight body armor that span across several threat levels of protection ranging from IIIA (handgun rated) up to IV (.30-06 armor piercing rated). To clarify, when we say “lightweight”, we are [...]

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A Closer Look at Body Armor Ballistic Levels

Based on what most people see in movies and tv it’s easy to think that all body armor plates will stop all bullet calibers. In reality, when you buy body armor, you have to make some considerations on which bullet calibers you want to stop. To simplify this issue a bit, the National Institute of [...]

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