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How Body Armor Works (A technical look)

What Is Body Armor?As you may very well know, body armor is a protective, ballistic gear worn to prevent injury from small arms fire, knife attacks, shrapnel, ricochets, other projectiles and similar life-threatening hazards. Body armor plates are worn inside of a plate carrier, which is often called a “bulletproof vest.” Body armor is available [...]

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Backpack Body Armor Options

Backpack armor is a fairly new body armor category, but it has become the go-to solution for on-the-move safety from unforeseen threats in the workplace, schools and everyday travel. Before the rise of backpack body armor, people would use standard soft or hard body armor plates and carrying them in their backpacks. Nowadays there are [...]

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Body Armor Testing Process

As you may know, no body armor is 100% bulletproof. Depending on its certification level, it instead provides different levels bullet resistance. To ensure its effectiveness against specific ballistic threats, each body armor plate must be carefully and thoroughly tested. This testing process determines whether or not a body armor panel will keep you alive [...]

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Should States Require Background Checks for Body Armor?

Apart from felons convicted of a violent crime, it is completely legal in every U.S. state for regular civilians to buy, own and wear concealable body armor and other body armor products, all without a background check. But should it stay this way? Recent tragic events have raised the emotions of the public and politicians [...]

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Myths About Body Armor

Popular TV shows and movies will have many people thinking that body armor is an impenetrable shield that deflect bullets like they’re nothing. However, bulletproof vests can only provide a certain level of protection for the wearer, and some even break after being impacted by multiple rounds. If you’re considering purchasing body armor, it’s important [...]

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Pros and Cons of Body Armor Shapes and Sizes | Infographic

Choosing the right body armor is no easy task, and you need to take a lot of different things into consideration. Covert or overt? Soft body armor, ceramic/composite or steel core? What cut and size is best for your needs? Some of these decisions could very well save your life.Lucky for you, we’ve done the [...]

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Ballistic Body Armor Guide for Survivalist

Be PreparedNo matter what you are preparing for, whether it’s a natural disaster or drilling yourself for the worst case scenario, survivalists know that every piece of survival equipment is crucial. Food, water, power, tools, medical equipment and offense. But have you thought about your defensive position? While a bunker or safe house provides a static defensive position in the case of [...]

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Best Plate Carrier Features and Accessories

Ballistic body armor plates are inserted and worn in plate carriers, but plate carriers are also responsible for a lot more than just carrying plates. Modern plate carriers have a variety of options for customization and are important for carrying other tactical gear that may be critical for mission success or survival.Of course, features and attachments vary from plate carrier [...]

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How Body Armor Varies Between Female and Male Users

What Is Female Body Armor?In the past, most body armor has been designed to fit the needs of the standard soldier – a male soldier. With the influx of female soldiers and law enforcement personnel, manufacturers and military branches have had to rethink the body armor game to fit the needs of the standard female [...]

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Process for selecting the right size wraparound armor vest

Finding The Right Size Concealable Bulletproof VestCovert body armor is worn under your uniform or clothes for discretion. Typically, covert body armor is soft body armor that protects against up to NIJ Level IIIA threats. These threats include most common handgun calibers. Covert body armor has a low profile design that is considered “concealable” and offers the wearer a [...]

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