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New Tactical Plate Carrier and Body Armor Combination From Spartan Armor Systems™

Spartan Armor Systems recently added a tough new versatile and technologically advanced plate carrier to its line of top quality tactical gear and body armor systems. Called the Leonidas Plate Carrier, it’s aptly named for the Spartan warrior king who’s best remembered for his heroic stand against the Persian army despite being hopelessly outnumbered at the Battle of Thermopylae in [...]

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Advantages of Using Steel Body Armor

With so many armor options available nowadays, it’s easy to lose focus on one of the oldest and most effective methods for personal protection: steel armor.Steel armor has been around so long, it’s the one type of protection that’s often taken for granted. From the days of armored medieval knights to present-day law enforcement and military personnel, steel armor [...]

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Ceramic vs. Steel Body Armor: Everything You Need to Know

Law enforcement personnel, military combat units or those who are interested in optimal protection during a crisis already know the answer to one question about body armor.Q: Is body armor essential for critical protection during life-or-death situations?A: Absolutely, positively, 100% yes.But there’s another question that many of our customers have, and it’s not so cut and dry. Q: Which type [...]

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Is Lightweight Body Armor as Effective as Traditional Armor?

Is Lightweight Armor as Effective as Traditional Body Armor?Body armor systems are worn by law enforcement, members of the military, private security contractors and others whose work places them at risk of being injured or even killed by gunfire. These protective systems consist of bullet-resistant plates inserted into the pockets of tactical vests called plate carriers. The two primary types [...]

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Safety Tips for Surviving Active Shooter Situations

The world can be a dangerous place. From small towns in rural America to big cities across the country, seemingly random shootings are happening without warning in the workplace, nightclubs, shopping malls, fast food outlets, schools and even churches. Hopefully, you’ll never find yourself involved in an active shooter situation, but it’s important to know what to do – and [...]

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How Wearing Body Armor Saves Lives

Protective body armor became a law enforcement staple in the 1960s. Since then, it’s estimated that more than 3,000 officers’ lives have been saved by wearing body armor.Firearms are among the most dangerous threats faced by law enforcement. Most peace officer deaths involve being assaulted by perpetrators armed with handguns or rifles. A study by the FBI’s Law Enforcement Officers [...]

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Body Armor Care, Cleaning, and Maintenance

Proper care and maintenance of body armor will safeguard both your investment and your life while on the job. The life of a body armor system that’s been well maintained will be much longer than a protection system that’s been neglected.Although many people fail to do so, proper care starts with reading the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning, maintaining and storing [...]

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Body Armor and Plate Carriers Buyer’s Guide

Firearms are among the most dangerous threats faced by police officers, corrections officers, DEA agents, border guards, security guards and other law enforcement personnel. Although there’s no such thing as a truly “bulletproof” vest, protective body armor is a critical piece of personal safety equipment for those whose occupations or environments put them at risk. [...]

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Which Type of Target Should I Buy? Read This First [Buying Guide]

Spartan Armor Systems, the leader in personal armor protection, also sells an outstanding variety of shooting targets. All of our targets are crafted with AR500 steel, one of the most popular materials for armor and targets alike.With different varieties of targets available for purchase, buying the right target can be a confusing process. Which type of target should you consider [...]

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7 Things You Need to Know About Steel Core Body Armor

High performance steel plate body armor offers a practical alternative to ceramic composite plates for stopping bullets and preventing injury to the wearer. Although both types of armor can stop hits from a rifle, ceramic plates can be expensive, which can sometimes make them an unrealistic choice for cash-strapped law enforcement agencies and preppers on tight budgets.To help you [...]

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