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Getting to Know the MOLLE Gear System

When your safety is on the line and your life is at stake, it is important to have the right composite body armor for the job. If you have a great deal of tools and supplies to bring along, you will want a carrying system to keep yourself lightweight. Here is an overview of the [...]

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How to Choose the Right Body Armor for Your Needs

It is human nature to be concerned for your own safety, so it is logical to be interested in protecting yourself. Modern composite body armor can allow you to resist bullets while moving around comfortably. Continue on to find out how to choose the right body armor for your needs. Level of ProtectionDifferent levels of [...]

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Exploring the Basics of Rifle Maintenance

Target Man shooting targets are CNC cut and quality-tested to last a lifetime. Unfortunately, not every rifle manufacturer adheres to the same quality measures as we do. In order to stay competitive and meet the demands of today’s shooting enthusiast, rifle makers must strike a balance between premium crafted firearms and low cost, mass produced [...]

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Ensuring the Right Fit for Your Body Armor Plates and Carrier

Whether your line of work exposes you to the risk of gunfire or you just want to be prepared for anything, body armor is one of the best investments you can make in terms of personal protection. The Target Man and Spartan Armor Systems is proud to offer the finest Level III and III+ steel [...]

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What are the Benefits of DIY Target Kits?

Whether you operate a private shooting range or just want to get more out of your weekend shooting excursions, a DIY target kit is a great investment. Not only will a DIY shooting target kit help hone your skills, but it will also provide hours of fun for your guests or range customers. And that’s [...]

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Choosing the Right Firing Range to Practice Your Shooting Skills

Finding the right shooting range can allow you to hone your skills and have a safe environment for practicing your marksmanship. There are a few important considerations in choosing the right range for your practice, and you can explore these in further detail below. Regardless of where you live, having a trusted gun range can [...]

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Understanding How to Care for Your Body Armor

High quality body armor can be a big financial investment, and the effectiveness of your armor may be dependent on your maintenance techniques. Just like any firearm, body armor requires detailed care to offer complete protection with a longer lifespan. Below you’ll get a few tips on the best maintenance practices for your body armor [...]

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Plate Carriers, MOLLE Gear, and How to Take Your Loadout to the Next Level

Your tactical gear reflects both your personality and the functionality you want it to provide. There are a wide variety of products and options available to tailor the look, fit, and function of your personal gear. Customizing your loadout allows you to maximize efficiency for improved convenience and aesthetics, whether you’re focusing on target shooting [...]

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How to Keep Your Body Armor Purchase Safe

Like any piece of equipment, your body armor requires regular care and maintenance to keep it in good shape. Caring for your body armor ensures it will continue working for you as you expect throughout the lifetime of the panels. The Target Man, LLC can help you determine how to best care for your body [...]

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Is Body Armor Illegal Where I Live?

Body armor of all types is sold in a wide range of retail settings, and it may be owned by nearly anyone in the United States. In most cases, it is perfectly legal to purchase and possess body armor, but there are a few exceptions that it is important to be aware of.Body Armor State [...]

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