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​Encapsaloc™ Fragmentation Mitigation Anti-Spall Body Armor Coating | Spartan Armor

Fragmentation protection is a critical feature when selecting your body armor platform. A common drawback of steel body armor is that projectiles can fragment and ricochet off the face at a zero to 20 degree angle. This means that bullet fragments have the potential to end up in your legs, arms, neck and head which may [...]

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Spotlight on Trauma Pads

Body armor can save your life, but that doesn’t mean being shot will feel very good. Although comfort might not be your main concern in the event of an ambush or sudden firefight, you want to make sure that you keep your head in the game to make it out of the situation alive. That’s [...]

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Should You Buy a Stab-Proof or Bullet-Proof Vest?

If you want to protect yourself from severe bodily harm in a world that’s becoming increasingly more violent and unpredictable, you should invest in high-quality composite body armor. But if you feel you need body armor to keep yourself safe, you need to choose the body armor that’s right for your needs and the type [...]

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Choosing a Spotting Scope for Target Shooting

In addition to helping you hone your sharpshooting skills, target shooting is just plain fun. Specially-constructed AR500 steel shooting targets allow you to put round after round down range without having to get out of the shooting position to put up new targets. If you’re increasing your shooting distance and trying to fine-tune your rifle, [...]

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Body Armor: Saving the Lives of Police Officers

Police officers risk their lives to protect their communities and uphold the law in the face of violence and danger. Fortunately body armor can be effective in protecting them from gunfire, saving lives and increasing their ability to do their jobs with confidence. Read on to learn about how body armor saves the lives of [...]

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Why Should You Wear A Kevlar Vest?

Whether you are on the frontlines or training for a mission, a Kevlar vest can be a trusty and efficient piece of equipment to have. This type of body armor is lightweight, effective, and versatile. Keep reading to find out why you should wear a Kevlar vest.Lightweight MaterialOne of the most pronounced benefits of Kevlar [...]

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A Look at the Key Features of Reactive Targets

People use shooting targets for all kinds of reasons. Some like to shoot at a range to blow off some steam, while others shoot in order to hone their skills so they can protect themselves on the job. No matter what you use them for, read on for a look at the key features of [...]

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Getting the Facts About Body Armor

Composite body armor can save your life, but it is important to understand its uses. Body armor does not make you invincible, and it should be retired after a certain period of time. It may or may not hold up underwater, but it is better to find out in advance. Continue reading to get the [...]

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Shooting Tips for New Rifle Owners

Knowing your way around a gun is advantageous for survival purposes, but it can also help you relax. It is important to realize that it may take a few tries to hit your shooting targets, so patience is key. Here is a look at a few shooting tips for new rifle owners. Stay RelaxedIf you [...]

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Examining the Terrific Benefits of Kevlar Body Armor

There are many situations that call for composite body armor, but some types of armor are bulky and uncomfortable. Fortunately Kevlar body armor is lightweight, allowing you to move around easily. It is also durable and effective, however, making it appropriate for a range of different scenarios. Continue on if you are interested in examining [...]

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