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Best Plate Carrier Features and Accessories

Ballistic body armor plates are inserted and worn in plate carriers, but plate carriers are also responsible for a lot more than just carrying plates. Modern plate carriers have a variety of options for customization and are important for carrying other tactical gear that may be critical for mission success or survival.Of course, features and attachments vary from plate carrier [...]

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How Body Armor Varies Between Female and Male Users

What Is Female Body Armor?In the past, most body armor has been designed to fit the needs of the standard soldier – a male soldier. With the influx of female soldiers and law enforcement personnel, manufacturers and military branches have had to rethink the body armor game to fit the needs of the standard female [...]

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Process for selecting the right size wraparound armor vest

Finding The Right Size Concealable Bulletproof VestCovert body armor is worn under your uniform or clothes for discretion. Typically, covert body armor is soft body armor that protects against up to NIJ Level IIIA threats. These threats include most common handgun calibers. Covert body armor has a low profile design that is considered “concealable” and offers the wearer a [...]

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How to Travel with Body Armor

If you own or wear body armor, it’s important to know the legalities and restrictions of traveling with your gear. In general, there are not as many restrictions for traveling with body armor as most people normally think. But there are a few pointers that you should know before traveling with body armor plates and plate carriers.Flying with body armorOn their website, [...]

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Shooting Range Best Practices

Whether you are a seasoned weapons expert or a rookie to the range, there are some general safety guidelines and useful tips that should be followed when handling firearms. Range instructors are there to help guide you and should be listened to at all times. You can direct any questions to the range instructors if you are uncertain about [...]

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Things A Homeowner Can Do to Make Their Home Safe

No matter where you live or what you do for a living, home safety is paramount. Those who think, “It won’t happen to me” are often the targets of anyone looking for a vulnerable house to break into. Don’t be that homeowner, and instead be sure to learn and take the necessary precautions to protect yourself and your family.In [...]

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A Brief History of Medical Kits

Prevention and preparation go hand in hand and there’s not a better medical emergency tool than a standard medical kit, also known as a first aid kit. And while it is hard to imagine a world without medical kits, the medical kit is a fairly new invention which dates back to 1888. It may be even harder to picture wars [...]

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Choosing the Right Targets for Practice Shooting

Regardless of whether you’re a rifle, handgun or shotgun shooter, practicing by shooting at targets on a regular basis is the key to improving your accuracy and honing your marksmanship skills. The types of targets that will provide you with the most practical benefits and overall satisfaction depend on whether you’re a hunter, in law enforcement or the military or [...]

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A Brief History of Camouflage

The term “camouflage” is derived from the French word camoufleur, which means “to disguise.” It’s a phenomenon that occurs naturally throughout the Animal Kingdom in predators and prey alike. By blending into their surroundings, organisms are able to elude predators, which increases their chances of survival and reproduction. Predators also use camouflage to remain undetected by their prey, which gives them [...]

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Choosing the Right Body Armor System

Body armor is sometimes referred to as being a bulletproof vest, although there is no such thing as wearable protection that’s truly bulletproof. Body armor is, however, bullet resistant and provides wearers with protection against small arms fire, shrapnel, stabbings and similar threats.Dating back centuries, body armor was originally created to provide combatants engaged in armed conflicts with a rudimentary level [...]

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