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Body Armor: Saving the Lives of Police Officers

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Police officers risk their lives to protect their communities and uphold the law in the face of violence and danger. Fortunately body armor can be effective in protecting them from gunfire, saving lives and increasing their ability to do their jobs with confidence. Read on to learn about how body armor saves the lives of police officers.


Body armor can be effective in protecting police officers from potentially fatal gunshot wounds. Although different types of armor will offer varying degrees of protection, police officers can typically find the armor they need for the job. Body armor is not immune to bullets; it won’t deflect them or counter them, but it will absorb and spread out the impact. This can turn a fatal shot into a bruise or a sore spot, possibly saving the officer’s life.


There is no use in wearing body armor that restricts your movement and leaves you a sitting duck. Fortunately, body armor can be as lightweight as you need it to be. This will allow you to maneuver properly and comfortably, which can be necessary when you want to get yourself out of a dangerous situation. In addition to protecting officers from bullets, body armor saves lives by providing versatile and flexible protection.

Proven Effectiveness

People use body armor for a multitude of different purposes, and it is always tested before it is issued to the police force or other consumers. As long as you are wearing body armor that is rated for the right type of bullets, your armor can save your life.

If you would like to learn more about how body armor saves the lives of police officers, call The Target Man at (520) 396-3335. Our team offers high quality composite body armor and shooting targets. Feel free to visit our website for more information about our body armor.


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