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Exploring the Basics of Rifle Maintenance

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Target Man shooting targets are CNC cut and quality-tested to last a lifetime. Unfortunately, not every rifle manufacturer adheres to the same quality measures as we do. In order to stay competitive and meet the demands of today’s shooting enthusiast, rifle makers must strike a balance between premium crafted firearms and low cost, mass produced guns of marginal quality. That’s not to say today’s rifles are unsatisfactory, but it means good rifle maintenance is paramount to keeping your firearm in tip-top shape. These rifle maintenance tips will make all the difference when it comes to firing your rifle downrange—which is what rifle ownership is all about.

Keep it Clean

A quick safety note: always make sure your rifle is unloaded—magazine out, no round in the chamber—before cleaning. Once the gun is definitely unloaded, apply powder solvent to a cleaning wipe and attach it to the end of the cleaning rod. Jam the rod down the barrel towards the breech three or four times. Use a flashlight to check the barrel for contaminants and continue to clean as needed (replacing the wipes each time) until the wipes come up clean.

Oil it Up

After manhandling your rifle at the range or during cleaning, dab a cleaning wipe with lubricating oil and wipe down the entire exterior of the rifle. The oils in your hands can cause accelerated oxidation when left in contact with metal, so be sure to wipe down and oil your rifle after excessive handling to prevent rust—which is the death of just about any firearm.

Use the Right Ammunition

This last point isn’t so much about rifle maintenance as it is about rifle use, but it’s important nonetheless if you want to keep your rifle in good shape. It may sound like a no-brainer, but make sure you know what caliber your rifle is chambered for and what ammunition it fires. Using the wrong caliber bullet can cause the cartridge case to split wide open, which will certainly cut your range time short and may even result in serious physical injury.

Owning a rifle is a labor of love. Fortunately, AR500 targets by The Target Man don’t require nearly as much care and attention. You can expect thousands upon thousands of impacts from each and every shooting target you purchase from us. Call us at (520) 789-0875 if you have any questions about our selection of high-quality, USA-made shooting targets.


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