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Getting the Facts About Body Armor

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Composite body armor can save your life, but it is important to understand its uses. Body armor does not make you invincible, and it should be retired after a certain period of time. It may or may not hold up underwater, but it is better to find out in advance. Continue reading to get the facts about body armor.

Resistance vs. Imperviousness

It is important to realize that body armor is not completely immune to bullets. Rather than deflecting bullets, body armor simply slows them down and scatters their energy. While this is almost always effective in preventing certain bullets from yielding fatal injuries, you should still be extremely cautious even while wearing body armor. It is also important to keep in mind that different body armors are rated to stop different types of bullets.

Considering the Wear

When discussing the working life of your body armor, some might recommend that you change your armor after a certain amount of time. It may be wiser, however, to change your armor after a certain amount of use instead. Body armor that you have only used a few times over two years might be in much better shape than body armor you used every day for half of the time frame.

Understanding Water Resistance

Certain types of body armor are designed to function underwater; however, there is a right and wrong time to find out if that is the case for yours. Learn about how water affects your body armor before you even put it on. The decision to keep your body armor dry may end up saving your life.

If you are interested in learning more about body armor, feel free to contact The Target Man or visit our website. Our company specializes in plate carriers, Spartan body armor, and AR500 targets. You can learn much more about our composite body armor by calling us at (520) 396-3335 and asking about our services today.


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