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Is Body Armor Illegal Where I Live?

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Body armor of all types is sold in a wide range of retail settings, and it may be owned by nearly anyone in the United States. In most cases, it is perfectly legal to purchase and possess body armor, but there are a few exceptions that it is important to be aware of.

Body Armor State Laws

Connecticut is the only state with laws concerning the purchase of body armor, which may not be purchased without face to face contact in the state. This means that civilians may not purchase body armor over the internet. Possession of body armor in the United States is widely non-prohibited, though many states do have laws in place concerning the use of body armor while committing a crime. In some areas, being convicted of committing a violent crime while wearing body armor could result in the loss of the possibility of probation or parole during sentencing.

Federal Body Armor Restrictions

In terms of federal law, the primary restriction of body armor sales and possession is regarding convicted felons. No felon may purchase or possess body armor in the U.S. There are no federal mandates for background checks in the purchase of body armor, though retailers may choose to place their own restrictions on the sale of body armor. No records of body armor purchases are required by law. Finally, under federal law, you may not ship, bring, or send body armor anywhere outside of the nation without federal permission.

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