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Plate Carriers, MOLLE Gear, and How to Take Your Loadout to the Next Level

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Your tactical gear reflects both your personality and the functionality you want it to provide. There are a wide variety of products and options available to tailor the look, fit, and function of your personal gear. Customizing your loadout allows you to maximize efficiency for improved convenience and aesthetics, whether you’re focusing on target shooting or other tasks.


The term MOLLE (pronounced “molly”) stands for Modular Lightweight Load-Carrying Equipment. MOLLE gear is designed to carry a wide variety of equipment easily and effectively. The MOLLE system itself is comprised of durable, thin straps of webbing, which are sewn to a template such as a backpack, belt, drop leg platform, or vest. Each strap is attached at a series of set intervals, allowing various pouches and carriers to be threaded through the straps for attachment purposes. The modularity of the system allows for greater customizability of your own MOLLE gear, depending on your preferences and needs. MOLLE gear attachments include pouches, canteen and water bottle carriers, medical kits, and pistol holsters.

Plate Carriers

Plate carriers act as a containment system for protective body armor. Rather than wearing a single-function bulletproof vest, a plate carrier lets you switch out various types of body armor plates. This function means you can completely customize your body armor for different purposes, depending on the type of weapons you are using and the level of protection or mobility you need. Plate carriers are also available with integrated MOLLE system options, allowing you to attach pouches and carriers directly to your body armor for even greater convenience and maneuverability, eliminating the need for additional gear such as a backpack or drop leg platform.

The Target Man, LLC has everything you need to take your loadout to the next level. We invite you to take a look through our comprehensive website to explore our products, including composite body armor, plate carriers, and other tactical gear. You can reach us for more information or to place your order by calling (520) 789-0875.


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