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Shooting Tips for New Rifle Owners

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Knowing your way around a gun is advantageous for survival purposes, but it can also help you relax. It is important to realize that it may take a few tries to hit your shooting targets, so patience is key. Here is a look at a few shooting tips for new rifle owners.

Stay Relaxed

If you have never handled a gun before, aiming a rifle may not feel like your idea of a relaxing time – yet. Choose a warm day when you are in a good mood, and remember to have fun with your first experience shooting your own rifle. If the prospect of keeping one eye closed when aiming is giving you trouble, try shooting with both eyes open. This can help you relax and prevent you from becoming frustrated. You might even consider learning about your eye dominance.

Be Ready to Stay Still

One aspect that you will work on when it comes to firing your new rifle is your follow through. This might be tricky at first, because your follow through is actually a lack of movement. Be ready for your rifle’s kickback, and allow it to return to its natural position once you have fired. Your gun should land back in the position it was in when you took aim, and your finger should still be on the trigger. Only release the trigger when you are about to take your next shot.

Try Different Positions

The first position you try may not be right for you, and that goes for the shooting position as well as the shooting setup. Try out a few different positions; if this does not fix the issue, consider adding a sling for extra support and comfort.

You can learn to shoot like a pro in no time when you follow these tips. If you would like additional help in learning about your rifle, call The Target Man at (520) 396-3335. We offer a variety of different kinds of shooting targets as well as composite body armor. Feel free to visit our website if you would like to learn more about our company.


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