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Advantages of Using Steel Body Armor

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With so many armor options available nowadays, it’s easy to lose focus on one of the oldest and most effective methods for personal protection: steel armor.

Steel armor has been around so long, it’s the one type of protection that’s often taken for granted. From the days of armored medieval knights to present-day law enforcement and military personnel, steel armor has remained integral to the warrior ethic that defines everyone from combat soldiers to everyday heroes and first responders.

Present-day steel armor protection is available in rugged, wearable steel plates, which help provide comprehensive threat protection across a variety of applications. Spartan Armor Systems sells premium steel body armor configurations, from our Spartan™ Omega™ AR500 Body Armor plates to Spartan Armor Systems AR650 Armaply™ and beyond.

Steel Body Armor: Three Key Attributes

With an extensive track record for success, steel armor is the protection equipment of choice for military units, law enforcement fraternities or anyone else interested in complete personal protection.

Here are three areas where steel body armor offers significant advantages:

Shelf Life

Shelf life is critical for any type of armor. When personal protective equipment is taken off the shelf and deployed for combat, crisis situations and other critical missions, it needs to work – period. Few types of personal armor stack up to steel in terms of shelf life.

Multi-Hit Rated

Steel armor is highly prized for its protective properties. A prime example is our Level III+ Spartan AR550 Armor, with a Brinnell Hardness (BHN) range of 545-560. This armor is designed to protect against high velocity ballistic threats while maintaining structural integrity – even after multiple assaults.


Personal protective durability is important. So is the price point. One reason why steel armor is preferable over ceramic or other material types is the lower overall cost.

For a quick example, let’s examine two comparable items on Spartan Armor Systems.

Level III+ Ceramic / Composite Body Armor Plates (Set of 2)

This pair of 10 x 12 ceramic body armor plates offers exceptional threat protection and is a great stand-alone armor system. The price for this set is over $600.

AR550 Body Armor (Set of 2)

One of the most popular armor configurations available at Spartan Armor Systems, this set offers premium protection and reliable performance for a variety of combat and law enforcement scenarios – all for around $180.

Two comparable armor systems, with a pretty significant price difference in favor of the steel armor set. While ceramic armor offers other advantages (lightweight design, premium protection from specific ballistic threats, etc.), steel armor is the more affordable option.

Browse Spartan Armor Systems for Superior Steel Armor Options Today!

Top-rated shelf life attributes, premium protection from ballistic threats and exceptional value – there is plenty to love about steel armor as your preferred personal protection equipment. If you want the very best steel armor packages and stand-alone personal armor systems available anywhere, you’ve come to the right place! Spartan Armor Systems is the leader in personalized armor configurations, and we have steel armor to suit your specific needs.





Our selection of premium, ultra-protective steel armor includes:

  • Level III+ AR550 Spartan Armor
  • Steel Core Backpack Armor
  • Level III+ AR650 Armaply™ Spartan Armor
  • Spartan™ Omega™ AR500 Body Armor Level III

Aside from our great selection of steel armor, we also carry premium ceramic body armor, too. Plus, Spartan Armor Systems has off-road accessories, tactical gear, targets and other armor-related components.

For questions about our assortment of steel body armor or any other product, give our armor experts a call at (520) 396-3335. Or, feel free to send us a secure message. From complete steel armor systems to specialized protection, Spartan Armor Systems has you covered – literally!


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