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What are the Benefits of DIY Target Kits?

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Whether you operate a private shooting range or just want to get more out of your weekend shooting excursions, a DIY target kit is a great investment. Not only will a DIY shooting target kit help hone your skills, but it will also provide hours of fun for your guests or range customers. And that’s not all! Here’s a look at some of the other benefits of investing in DIY target kits.

Save Money

AR500 steel target setups are bulky and cumbersome to ship, which is one of the reasons why they are so expensive. You also end up paying more for fabrication and assembly. Fortunately, you can find tremendous savings on a plate rack, dueling tree, or Texas star by purchasing a DIY kit. The Target Man supplies the AR500 steel targets, pivot brackets, levers, and resetting mechanism, which means you’ll only need to source some angle iron or steel for the legs and base and find someone who can weld the assembly together.

Customize Your Targets

With a DIY target kit you can customize the paddles or hanging targets of your shooting system. Whether you prefer ballistic grade steel paddles, 3/16” HRPO paddles (.22LR ammo only), or reactive flipping targets, you can customize your setup to accommodate your marksmanship needs, shooting preferences, and ammunition. And because the targets are so easily interchangeable, you can make quick changes and adjustment to give yourself, your friends, or your customers various different target setups without much downtime.

The Target Man is proud to offer some of the strongest shooting targets in America. Each target is cut via water-submerged CNC plasma, which produces a heat affected zone (HAZ) that is significantly lower than traditional laser cutting. Visit our website to see all of our shooting targets and target systems. We are also your source for composite body armor and plate carriers.


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