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  • IPSC 66% AR500 target
  • throat assembly for the target man reactive targets
  • multi purpose base stand by the target man

IPSC 66%



Product Details

The Target Man IPSC 66% for Multi-Purpose Base Stand

By popular demand, here you have it! We have added a regular 66% IPSC target for use with our patent-pending Multi-Purpose Base (MPB).So, if you have a MPB and you already own a reactive target system, this 66% IPSC target can be used and slid right in to the “throat” (the piece that holds your reactive target to the angle iron). If you don’t already have an MPB, please select “Add MPB and Throat” and we’ll ship everything out that you’ll need.

We have angle iron as an option (in Replacements and Add Ons), but I suggest NOT buying it. The angle iron literally costs us about $7/piece, which is what you can source it locally for. The shipping is the killer, which is why we have to charge so much. You MUST use 1.5″ x .25 American-spec (standard type) angle iron. Available at most home improvement stores or any steel yard.

This target is sure to provide hours of fun. It is a perfect training aid for the LEO, military sniper, or even just the weekend plinker.  This target is not going to score you chicks like our reactive target systems (because, well, they’re much cooler), but it will hone your shooting skills and the other guys at the range will have “man envy” for having such a nice, professional target system!


  •     3/8″ AR500 armored steel – engineered to last a lifetime
  •     66% IPSC (approximately 12″ W x 19.5 H)
  •     Safely defects frag towards the ground
  •     Ships raw steel. Painted white in stock photo for reference only

See A Comparison of Our Full Line Reactive Steel Targets on page 2:

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Product Videos

AR500 Reactive Shooting Targets by Spartan Armor Systems 01:00

Spartan Armor Systems offers a variety of AR500 Reactive Target Systems designed to provide instant feedback to the shooter. Each target features a modular design that is fast and easy to setup or take down. DIY versions are also available including our Texas Star and Plate Rack. Facebook: Instagram: Google+: Twitter:

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