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How to Keep Your Body Armor Purchase Safe

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Like any piece of equipment, your body armor requires regular care and maintenance to keep it in good shape. Caring for your body armor ensures it will continue working for you as you expect throughout the lifetime of the panels. The Target Man, LLC can help you determine how to best care for your body armor purchase to get the most from your investment.

Invest in Multiple Carriers

Your plate carrier is the structure that holds your body armor in place. To get the most from your body armor, purchase at least two carriers and keep them clean and in good condition. Wash your plate carriers and ensure they are in good repair before inserting your body armor plates. A dirty, sweaty, or worn plate carrier could impact the effectiveness of your body armor.

Insert Armor Panels Properly

Alignment is extremely important in body armor usage. Always place body armor panels into your plate carrier with the strike plate facing outward. Inserting your body armor panels into the carrier incorrectly will compromise their ability to protect you under their rated conditions; if your armor panels do take a hit on the wrong side, it will also most likely damage the panel beyond repair.

Know When to Replace It

Body armor is often sold with a rating numbered in years. However, the key factor in body armor wear is the amount of real use it sees, rather than a specific length of time over which it is worn. Body armor that is worn every day or in extreme conditions will lose its protective abilities faster than armor that is only worn occasionally. Always check your body armor for damage or wear before inserting it into your panel carrier; panels should be replaced if you have any concerns about their integrity.

The Target Man, LLC is a proud dealer of steel, composite, and ceramic Spartan body armor. You can find out more about our body armor, plate carriers, and other tactical products when you visit us on the web, or by calling (520) 789-0875.


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