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3-7 Business Day Lead Time to Ship Most Orders!

Low Lead Time Body Armor Products & Tactical Gear

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It would be a bit of an understatement to characterize 2020 as a flaming dumpster fire. We do the best we can to provide accurate lead time predictions based on known variables. Increased demand for body armor, coupled with strain put on the supply chain for materials have unfortunately driven up lead times much higher than we’d like. As of October 28th, our lead time is averaging 6 weeks (the key word being “averaging”). We have many products that can ship in as little as 2-4 weeks because the materials are more readily available. For example, steel core body armor typically has a longer lead time due to the amount of time it takes to get sheets of steel from the manufacturer. In contrast, our Flex Fused Core™ IIIA armor typically has a shorter lead time since there’s fewer manufacturing steps in the production of IIIA body armor. With the current explosion in demand for body armor, we’ve been adding more employees and working many extra hours to keep up with the increased volumes. However, we understand that many customers are less concerned about what type of body armor they buy, they just want body armor as fast as they can get it. Below is a listing of our products with the shortest lead times as things stand today.

Important Note: Once your order has shipped you will receive 2 communications about your order. We do not send any “update” emails in-between because as it would significantly slow down production to check every order in the pipeline.

  1. Order confirmation email to acknowledge your order has been received and you card has been charged.
  2. Shipment notification email to let you know when the order has been shipped.

Body Armor with Short Lead Times

Tactical Gear with Shorter Lead Times

If you already have body armor plates but are looking to upgrade to a better plate carrier, the next list contains the plate carriers and gear with short lead times. Some plate carriers just take longer to produce or receive from our vendors. By selecting the following tactical gear, you can cut down your lead time significantly. Keep in mind that if you order a steel core body armor package that includes one of these items then you stand a better chance of having your order shipped faster in comparison to gear that is regularly backordered.

Plate Carriers and Tactical Gear with Short Lead Times

Tips for Getting Your Body Armor Fast

To close out, here’s a quick recap along with some additional tips to get your body armor faster. We understand that in the days of Amazon Prime, it can be difficult waiting several weeks for your order to arrive. While we typically have the lowest lead times in the body armor industry, Spartan Armor Systems™ in not a company that cuts corners or sacrifices quality just to make a buck. The tactical gear that we provide is designed to save lives and it’s our job to make sure that every piece of armor that leaves our facility does just that.

  • If you’re ordering a complete plate carrier and body armor package, make sure the carrier is not backordered
  • The posted lead time is an average, some products ship faster than others. Steel core body armor can have a longer lead time if steel sheets are in high demand.
  • The lead time is the amount of time it takes to ship the order. Once the order ships it typically takes around 3-5 days to be delivered (we use USPS Flat Rate to ship most orders).
  • If you need to make changes to your order then it would require canceling the order and submitting a new one. This will cause you to lose your place in line.

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