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Spartan Armor Systems™ AR550 Level III+ Body Armor receives NIJ Certification!

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Recently we completed the process to have our AR550 level III+ body armor NIJ certified. We put a lot of work into testing and proving our body armor because there’s no room for substandard products in this industry. Let’s be real folks, we’re not talking about toaster ovens here. If body armor fails then people can die, there are no second chances. That’s why we are constantly submitting our body armor to independent laboratories for ballistics testing.  This includes certification by the National Institute of Justice, which is a stringent testing process used to confirm body armor ratings under NIJ 0

101.06 specifications. This process is not required to sell body armor commercially and it does cost a significant amount of money. However, we see NIJ certification as a crucial step in proving the effectiveness of our products and giving piece of mind to customers who are looking to buy body armor. Whether you’re a Law Enforcement Officer, First Responder or a Concerned Citizen, we want you to feel confident that our body armor will do its job every time you put on your plate carrier

If you’re not familiar with the NIJ ratings system you can read a full breakdown here . Please note that level III+ body armor is an additional category created by companies in the body armor industry. While NIJ rates our AR550 body armor as level III, we have proven its capabilities to defeat higher velocity threats such as XM193, M855 and M80 BALL. This goes beyond the standard NIJ level III requirements. Want to know more about our advanced threat testing of our AR550 body armor? 

Here’s a breakdown of our products which have completed NIJ certification. We’ll be adding more to this list in the not too distant future!

Note: The NIJ Certification applies to our AR550 Shooter's Cut and Swimmer's Cut Single Curve with a Full Coat of our Encapsuloc™ fragmentation mitigation coating.

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NIJ Threat Level Special Threat Level Product Model Designation Curve Composition Shelf Life
III III+ AR550 AR550 Single Curve Steel Core 20+ Years
III III+ UHMPE Level III 3401 Single Curve UHMWPE 5 Years
III III+ Level III+ 3410 Single Curve Ceramic/Composite 5 Years
III III+ Spectra Lightweight 9.25x12.5 3610 Multi-Curve Ceramic/Composite 5 Years
III III+ Spectra Lightweight 10.25x13.5 3610 Multi-Curve Ceramic/Composite 5 Years
III III+ Spectra Lightweight
3610 Multi-Curve Ceramic/Composite 5 Years
IV IV Spartan Multi-Hit 1189 Single Curve Ceramic & Polyethylene 5 Years
IV IV SAPI Cut Multi-Curve 4600 Multi-Curve Ceramic/Composite 5 Years
IV IV SAPI Cut Multi-Curve 4600 Multi-Curve Ceramic/Composite 5 Years
IV IV Shooter’s Cut 4400 Single Curve Ceramic/Composite 5 Years

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