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DCS Special Forces Plate Carrier Review

Posted by Military Guy on

Are you looking for a killer (comfortable) Tactical Vest and body armor? Check out this review by Military Guy!

Sliding on my armor plate carrier (tactical vest) over my head and strapping the velcro into place. Adjusting everything and making sure I am good to go. My partner Chief Holland check my vest over, double checking everything when he turned me around and said, “man, that vest is awesome and looks great.” I told him I got it from Spartan Armor Systems. It was their Warrior Assault System and was built for us warriors. We both laughed and I grabbed my weapon.


Leaving the briefing room, we were split up into two groups. Air assault and boat assault. Of course this time I 

Up and over the rail I go, followed by my team! Grabbed my weapon and away I go. The air assault team made their way along the deck searching everywhere they went. Up and down until they made their way to their objective.was assigned to the boat assault. Made my way to the boat and off we went. Watched as team “Air” made their way off the ship and towards our target. This was a timed assault, just as the air assault hit we would hit from below. Time was now! The other team hit the deck running as we prepared to climb the ladder. Moved my rifle over to the side while on my sling and started my way up. The straps on this warrior assault Vest allowed my arms free motion in a 360 degree rotation that did not stop any motion for me to climb. You know when you do climb, sometimes the vest will ride up on you. Not this time or with this vest! The warrior assault vest from Spartan held right where it needed to as I made my climb up.

On the lighter side, we made our way to the lower deck with narrow hallways and more dangers lurking after every corner. I am what the line would call the, “Point man” because I was in the lead. The team would trust my judgement. All of the sudden I made contact in the hallway. I felt and heard a noise but could not determined what it was, but I eliminated the threat. We made our way down to the &^%$*( room and call secured. You could hear over the radio as the rest of the team called their area secure as well. Mission complete! One thing though? The noise I heard was a rifle shot and one of my teammates check me out because he though I was hit. Sure enough I was, but with Spartan level 3 plates, it took the licking so I can still be ticking!

Spartan Armor systems knows how to take care our Military. They build the top of the line stuff, and knows what we need to complete the mission (arm motion). Let’s here what Spartan Armor Systems has to say about the Warrior assault system:


System) plate carrier by Warrior Assault Systems. The DCS Special Forces plate carrier is lightweight with removable sides. The DCS plate carrier is a perfect fit with our Shooter’s Cut body armor which is available in level III and level III+. Additionally, the DCS carrier allows 6 x 8 side plates. The DCS is fully adjustable for height and width, comes with 3D Spacer mesh lining for cooling and comfort.


500D Cordura Performance Specifications

  • Weight: 7.1 Ounces per Square Yard
  • Tensile Strength: Warp 453 lbs / Fill 348 lbs
  • Tears Strength: Warp 14.1 + lbs / Fill 14.1 + lbs
  • Abrasion: Wear Cycles 1955
  • Water Repellency: 100%


  • Genuine US Mil Spec Webbing
  • Standard Colour Option include Genuine Crye Multicam, Coyote, A-TACS AU, A-TACS FG
  • Special Projects Colour Options include Black, Ranger Green, Olive Green
  • 25mm (1 Inch ) Breaking Strain: 1200 lbs
  • 38mm (1.5 Inch ) Breaking Strain: 1800 lbs
  • 50mm (2 Inch ) ) Breaking Strain: 2200 lbs

Infra-Red Properties –All our Clips, Fabrics, Plastic Hardware, Threads and MultiCam/Coyote Webbing are treated at source to deliver the lowest I.R. Signature possible.

WOW, right! I tell you this armor system is top of the line and I will tell you that the Special Operations Community will enjoy using them. Keep up the great work Spartan Armor Systems! Order the Warrior Assault System today for yourself! Until next time…………..

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