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Get Full Coat Steel Core Body Armor…Before Summer

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Unbeknownst to most people in the market to buy body armor, the recent storms across the country are having long lasting effects on some raw materials that are important to the manufacturing process of body armor. In particular, there has been a major shortage in various chemical compounds used for full coat steel core body armor plates. We are already seeing some of our competitors cease production of full coat plates until further notice. So how long is this shortage going to last? Well, there are two answers to that question. For companies that have run out of chemicals, the best estimate is sometime in May or June when you factor in typical lead times. The second answer is that you can order full coat body armor plates from Spartan Armor Systems right now with no extra delays! As we saw in 2020, worst case scenarios have almost become the rule rather than the exception (and we’ve posted the memes on Instagram and Facebook to prove it). As a company, Spartan Armor Systems™ has stocked up on critical materials. However, there is a lot more that separates us and our body armor from the competition. 

Why you Should Care About Full Coat

So, what’s the big deal about full coat steel core body armor plates? For a deep dive into the difference between base coat and full coat plates, check out our recent article about the subject by clicking here. The cliff notes version is that steel core body armor with little to no coating will provide almost no protection against fragmentation. Fragmentation a.k.a spall, is basically pieces of hot bullet shrapnel shooting along the surface of the plate after impact. This bullet fragmentation can cause injury to the wearer or people in close vicinity. We specially formulated our Encapsaloc™ fragmentation mitigation coating to deal with this issue. We recognize what a critical feature fragmentation coating is for steel core body armor, so as a company we made the conscious decision to stay well stocked on the necessary chemicals to provide full coat plates to our customers. As a result, we continue to offer full coat Spartan™ Omega™ AR500 and Spartan AR550 body armor without the major delays other companies are facing.

How Else is Spartan Armor Different Than the Competition?

You are going to be glad you asked! While some people think that all body armor companies are the same, it could not be further from the truth. At Spartan Armor Systems® we skip the snake oil and let our products speak for themselves. Below is a list of features that we point out not to gloat, but so our customers understand that they are getting a superior product when they choose our steel core body armor plates. For example, we’ve taken on the time commitment and expense to get our Spartan AR550 body armor NIJ Certified (single curve, full coat), whereas our competitors haven’t. In fact, we have currently had eight (8) NIJ Certified body armor models. We test all our body armor in an independent NIJ certified laboratory because we’re not content with only having paid Instagram Influencers testing body armor (and neither should you be). Another big distinction is that other companies portray their “multi-curve” body armor as their premium curve option and their budget friendly option is just a flat plate (very uncomfortable). However, our budget friendly Single Curve plate is the same as the so called “multi-curve” plate offered by competitors. Our patented Advanced Triple Curve™ (ATC) plate profile is a true multi-curve design that is significantly more comfortable to wear, especially for extended periods of time.

Why You Should Choose Spartan Armor Systems® Steel Core Body Armor

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Last year was a big reminder that there is no such thing as being too prepared. Spartan Armor Systems® is truly dedicated to providing our customers with superior body armor products at competitive prices. When you put our steel core body armor alongside the competition and do thorough comparison, it is easy to see why our customers so frequently give our products five-star reviews. Need help picking out the body armor that is right for you? We are here to answer any questions you have about your body armor purchases, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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