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  • Achilles NIJ Certified AR550 Package with AFAK and Tough Hook
  • Achilles plate carrier
  • AR550 Body Armor
  • Achilles plate carrier
  • Achilles plate carrier
  • Achilles plate carrier
  • Achilles plate carrier
  • AFAK Med kit
  • AFAK Med kit
  • Tough Hook

Achilles NIJ Certified AR550 Package with AFAK and Tough Hook - OD Green

This package includes:

  • Achilles Laser Cut Plate Carrier in OD Green
  • 2x AR550 Single Curve Full Coat Body Armor Plates
  • Advanced First Aid Kit (AFAK) in OD Green
  • Tough Hook in Black

Note: This kit does not include side plates. Click this link to shop side plates

Note: Pictured M4 Magazines Not included



Product Details

Achilles Plate Carrier and NIJ Certified AR550 Body Armor with AFAK and Tough Hook - OD Green



Everything you need to get started with a NIJ Certified body armor kit rated to stop M855 (aka green tips). Get our feature-packed lightweight Achilles plate carrier complete with our AR550 single curve full coat plates (front and back). This kit comes with our Advanced First Aid Kit (AFAK) containing life-saving supplies to treat traumatic bleeding. To finish off this kit we included a matching Tough Hook to securely hang your kit when not in use.


This package includes: 

- Achilles Laser Cut Plate Carrier in OD Green

- 2x AR550 Single Curve Full Coat Body Armor Plates

- Advanced First Aid Kit (AFAK) in OD Green

- Tough Hook in Black




Product Overview

The Achilles Laser Cut Plate Carrier pays homage to the legendary Greek warrior, Achilles, a great hero of the Trojan War. Lightweight, durable, and highly adaptable the Achilles carrier is designed for the modern-day multi-role warrior. Comprised of lightweight 1000 Denier laser-cut Molle and featuring comfortable padded shoulder straps and padded front and rear sections with ventilation vents, Spartan Armor Systems® has also enhanced the capability of the Achilles Laser Cut Plate Carrier by adding our top-zippered admin pouch above a convenient kangaroo pouch that comes with removable triple M4 mag pouches.  

Added Comfort And Capability

Capability and comfort keep you in the fight longer. The Achilles Laser Cut Plate Carrier will accept both 10"x12" and 11"x14" body armor.  The cummerbund accepts side plates (6”x6” or 6"x8") and is modular/removable, with the inclusion of the built-in 2-inch quick-release straps. The configuration and customization options with the Achilles Laser Cut Plate Carrier are endless.

Achilles Laser Cut Plate Carrier Specs: 

  • 1000 Denier Materials
  • Lightweight And Duty 1000 Denier Laser Cut Molle
  • Zippered Admin Pouch
  • Kangaroo Pouch With Removable Triple M4 Pouches
  • Padded Shoulder Pads
  • Padded Front And Rear With Ventilation Vents
  • Low Profile Drag Handle
  • Molle Velcro Front And Rear For Identifier Patches
  • 2-inch Replaceable Quick-release Buckles
  • Accepts 10"X12" And 11"X14" Body Armor
  • 6"X6" And 6"X8" Side Plates
  • Fits S To XL




Product Overview

Spartan Armor Systems® has literally taken Level III-rated body armor to the next level by adding a 10% increase in ballistic core hardness to their AR550 line of armor. Because of this enhancement, our AR550 level III+ body armor offers operators advanced rifle-rated threat protection and has been special threat validated in an independent NIJ credentialed laboratory. Manufactured and tested within the highest quality standards, utilizing laboratory-certified steel, our single curve, full coat AR550 plates have received NIJ Certification under NIJ 0101.06 level III specifications. For added peace of mind, every plate of armor sold by Spartan Armor Systems® is serialized allowing it to be easily tracked back to the original plate of steel it was cut from should there be any question as to its ballistic properties.

NIJ Certified

Protective Value Added 

We understand the NIJ rating system can be confusing. Simply put, our AR550 body armor is certified as NIJ (National Institute of Justice) level III rated but has undergone special threat testing to achieve a level III+ rating, click here to learn more. AR550 Single Curve, Full Coat body armor plates are labeled as level III on the back of the plate as the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) does not currently have a level III+ rating. “Level III+” indicates that special threat testing was created within the body armor industry to fill the void between NIJ 0101.06 level III and NIJ level IV, specifically to account for high-velocity penetrator rounds such as M855 (aka green tips). While AR550 single curve full coat plates are certified as NIJ level III, rest assured they are made from AR550 ballistic grade steel and have been special threat tested to attain the level III+ qualification. Quite simply, the NIJ requires that we label Spartan Armor Systems® AR550 Single Curve Full Coat Plates as “Level III” even though they are capable of providing the operator with a higher degree of ballistic protection. 


Battle Hardened

Our AR550 armor hits the “sweet spot” in the Brinell Hardness (BHN) range. With a core hardness of approximately 545-560 BHN, we have found that the ballistically rated variant of AR550 that we use when manufacturing our AR550 armor is perfect for defeating higher velocity threats, while not exposing the armor plate to extreme stress due to forming.

Our AR550 Level III+ armor has our GEN2 lower cut radius, it’s much harder than AR500, but not so hard that it risks incurring severe stress while undergoing the formation process.


Laser Cut to Protect Ballistic Integrity

All steel core body armor is cut and shaped after the ballistic properties have been formulated within the steel. While other steel body armor manufacturers commonly use plasma torch cutting that applies excessive heat (25,000 ˚C / 45,000 ˚F) to a wide portion of the steel plate, Spartan Armor Systems® only utilizes laser cutting in order to protect the ballistic integrity of each steel core body armor plate we manufacture. Plasma cutting also requires grinding to clean up the edges after the fact, resulting in increased heat and possible fatigue.At Spartan Armor Systems®, we maintain the highest production integrity and quality standards every step of the way for our customers because we know what is at stake. 


Additional Protection: Full Coat or Base Coat Options

We strongly recommend choosing our full coat option when you buy steel core body armor. Our proprietary plate coating, Encapsaloc™, is a potentially life-saving feature that captures spalling as a result of ballistic impacts on the strike face of the steel core armor plate. Do not settle for steel armor that is merely coated with generic truck bed liner spray coatings that have not been tested for ballistic efficacy. The strike face of our Spartan Armor Systems® AR550 Body Armor plates proudly bears the mark of our Spartan logo.


IMPORTANT NOTE: The base coat option only provides protection against corrosion and offers little to no fragmentation/spall mitigation. Should you choose to select base coat plates, please consider adding our Spall Containment Sleeve(sold separately) as a means of fragmentation mitigation.


Blazing The Trail of Innovation

Our AR550 Spartan Body Armor now offers operators the option of coming with the Advanced Triple Curve (ATC) feature. This is an industry FIRST! Spartan Armor Systems®™ is proud to be the LEADER in the industry when it comes to offering our customers triple-curved AR550 body armor. With higher velocity rifle threats commonly present throughout the United States, we’ve developed this AR550 armor to specifically defeat some common threats such as 5.56 x 45 XM193, 5.56 x 45 M855 /SS109, and 7.62 x 51 (.308 Winchester) at a rated velocity of 3,100 fps or less. Additionally, we’ve successfully defeated these threat profiles from Close Quarters Battle (CQB) distances…repeatedly!

Configuration: This armor comes as a pair, meaning you will receive both front and back plates.


Plate Weight (per plate): 

  • 8”x10” AR550 Shooters Cut: Base Coat 5lbs 5oz. Full Coat 6lbs 1oz.
  • 10”x12” AR550 Shooters Cut: Base Coat 8lbs 1oz. Full Coat 8lbs 10oz.
  • 11”x14” AR550 Shooters Cut: Base Coat 9lbs 15oz. Full Coat 11lbs.


Thickness: .25″ AR550 plus approximately .25″ coating makes this slim profile plate overall .5-.6″ in total thickness

Side plates also available in 6”x6” and 6”x8” sizes, click here to learn more


AR550 Body Armor - Shooters Cut Specs:

  • Made in U.S.A.
  • Special Threat Tested to Level III+ Standards
  • Single Curve Base Coat Model is NIJ Certified Level III, But Provides Level III+ Protection
  • Available in Single Curve (commonly Called "MultiCurve" by other manufacturers) or Advanced Triple Curve™ 
  • Full Coat Option Provides Fragmentation/Spall Mitigation, Base Coat Provides Corrosion Protection Only




Product Overview

Includes select first aid and trauma tools to handle and treat severe bleeding, airway/respiratory issues, and more. The AFAK features the 600 D Compact IFAK Ripaway Pouch to efficiently store and organize critical life-saving and wound care components and allows the responder to rapidly and reliably address scenarios with the proper products. We highly recommend this kit for LEO/MIL and standard civilian use. 


Ability To Respond

Being able to assess and address life-threatening injuries and wounds in the field, from minor cuts and abrasions to more extensive life-threatening injuries, is a crucial skill that requires a capable tool-set. The Advanced Individual First Aid Kit (AFAK) by Spartan Armor Systems® was designed to allow operators to be their own first-responder and to attend to colleagues when traumatic scenarios occur. Don’t be caught in a critical moment without the components you need to assist and rescue. The AFAK is a compact kit that can easily be stowed in a vehicle, backpack, locker, and virtually any other easy-access location. 


Advanced Individual First Aid Kit (AFAK) Specs and Components:

  • 600 D Compact IFAK Ripaway Pouch WithMolle and Velcro 
  • NAR Combat Application Tourniquet (CAT) in Black
  • Triton Grip SE Nitrile Gloves Large
  • NAR S Rolled Gauze- 4.5 x 4.1 yards
  • NAR Emergency Trauma Dressing- 4" (FLAT)
  • Hyfin Vent Compact Chest Seal Twin Pack
  • Rusch Latex Free Robertazzi 28fr Naso Airway With lube
  • 5.5 EMT Shears Black Handle
  • Survival Rescue Blanket-Compact
  • TCCCC Cards
  • 1 Sharpie Marker

Product Videos

Achilles Laser Cut Body Armor Plate Carrier by Spartan Armor Systems® 02:06

The Achilles plate carrier offers a host of features at an affordable price. Constructed primarily of laser cut 1000D Cordura, the Achilles is rugged but light weight. Each Achilles carrier comes standard with removable triple M4 mag pouches that fit inside the built in kangaroo pouch. If you're looking for a well rounded carrier with plenty of customization options then the Achilles plate carrier should be at the top of your list. Achilles Product Page: Achilles Level III+ AR550 Package: Achilles Level III Spartan™ Omega™ AR500 Package: Shop our entire website: Follow us on Instagram: Like us on Facebook:

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